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Rashad at WSHA and Susan
"Local Artist Showcase" with Rashad at WSHA - Raleigh, September 2006
Photo: Sharon Berry-Vivian

Susan at Chateau Morrisette
At Chateau Morrisette in Virginia with the Lenny Marcus Group, July 2006

Thom Canova      Susan & Wayne Batchelor
CD Engineer Thom Canova at Overdub Studios.   At Special Events Affair with Wayne Batchelor.
Photo:Susan Reeves                   May 2006                                      Photo:Les Todd    

Bob Rogers and Susan Reeves - WSHA Fundraiser
Pitching with Bob Rogers - WSHA Fundraiser - Raleigh, March 2006
Photo: Bill Crone

John Bouille- WSHA Fundraiser   Bob Rogers - WSHA Fundraiser
John Bouille and Bob Rogers - WSHA Fundraiser - Raleigh, March 2006
Photos: Susan Reeves

Wedding at Caffe Luna in Raleigh, Dec. 2005 (Ed Paolantonio, piano)
Photos:Tom Glembocki, Monet Studios

Susan Reeves & Scott Warner
At Kelsey's with Scott Warner, Sept. 2005
Photo:James Hester

Scott Sawyer & Susan Reeves at Duke
With Scott Sawyer at 26th Annual Employee Arts & Crafts Show by Health Arts Network at Duke,
April 2005.
Photos: Joy Javits

Susan Reeves at Reba & Roses with John Hanks, Steve Wing, Scott Sawyer
Party at Reba & Roses with John Hanks, Steve Wing, Scott Sawyer, and The Ladies.
May 2005.  
Photo: Tim Watson

Geoff Hathaway and James Hester - Cool Jazz
Important Players - Hillsborough Cool Jazz Festival organizers
Geoff Hathaway and James Hester. April 2005
 Photo: Susan Reeves

Susan Reeves & Dave Tilley
Dave Tilley, Bogue Sound Studios

Susan Reeves & Jeff Carroll
Jeff Carroll, Bluefield Mastering
Susan & Dana Fearrington
Fearrington with Dana Chell, 2003
Photo:Jeff Thomas
Cali and me, 1997                               Photo: Bill Boyarsky

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